Funny St. Patrick’s Day Quotes And Saying


The Irish are well known for two things. One, they can drink like a fish and keep the soul streaming. Two, they realize how to take a joke. The Irish likewise love to joke, particularly about themselves. They couldn’t care less about political accuracy and other such jibber jabber. For them, a disgraceful spike is an outflow of charm.

Funny St. Patrick’s Day Sayings and Quotes

The Irish are additionally noted for their huge comical inclination. Their cleverness is obvious in these Irish truisms and statements. Some well known clever Irishmen like Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Conan O’Brien, and F. Scott Fitzgerald have accomplished worldwide distinction for their exceptional mind and knowledge.

Their words uncover their splendid creative energy. Grasp Irish silliness on St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish love their way of life, history, and conventions. They adore breaking jokes and drinking brew (like Guinness) and Irish bourbon (like Jameson’s or Bushmill’s).

In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have a craving for the put-down, look out for their sharp tongue – the Irish extra nobody in their fast rebounds. In the event that you are observing St. Patrick’s Day, arm yourself with witticisms to even the odds.

Statements About The Irish

Sidney Littlewood

“The Irish don’t have the foggiest idea what they need and are set up to battle to the demise to get it.”

Oliver Herford

“The Irish gave the bagpipes to the Scots as a joke, however, the Scots haven’t seen the joke yet.”

Winston Churchill

“We have constantly discovered the Irish somewhat odd. They will not be English.”

John Pentland Mahaffy

“In Ireland, the unavoidable never occurs and the surprising continually happens.”

Irish Blessing

“May God favor and keep healthy your foes’ adversaries.”

funny st. patrick's day sayings and quotes
funny st. patrick’s day sayings and quotes

Brendan Behan

“In the event that it was drizzling soup, the Irish would go out with forks.”

Ann Kennedy

“The one thing us Irish have is simply the capacity to giggle. God favor all of us.”

Stephen Colbert

“The shamrock is a religious image. St. Patrick said the leaves spoke to the Trinity: the Father, the child and the Essence of God. That is the reason lucky charms are so fortunate; you get a reward, Jesus.”

Ralph Wiggum, “The Simpsons”

“What’s more, that is the place I saw the leprechaun. He instructed me to consume things!”

Margot Leitman, “Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil”

“St. Patrick’s Day is a heavenly day for Roman Catholics in Ireland to supplicate and multi-day for alcoholic individuals to upchuck with their jeans down in New Jersey.”

Jon Stewart

“Making it [St. Patrick’s Day] an incredible day for the Irish, however only an OK day in case you’re searching for a calm bar to talk, read or have a white wine spritzer.”

Jimmy Fallon

“Furthermore, on my last night, I got as fortunate as a clover, I met a purdy lassie, sufficiently plastered to come on finished.”

Steven, “Braveheart”

“So as to locate his equivalent, an Irishman is compelled to chat with the Almighty.”

Laura Kightlinger

“It’s a major ordeal about regardless of whether gays can walk in the St. Patrick’s Day march, and I need to state that in some way or another I sort of observe their point. Since when you consider it, it is a genuine macho hetero occasion. Bundle of folks in short skirts on a truck made of rose pedals sharing a bagpipe. That is not for sissies.”

Jay Leno

“This is St. Patrick’s Day in Los Angeles, ‘Karma O’ The Irish Recipes.’ Delicious Irish guacamole. Corned hamburger and guacamole.”

Irish Saying

“In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to be Irish, that is no joke!”

Ellen DeGeneres

“The legend goes that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. I was thinking … that must be difficult to put all the small safety belts on every one of the snakes.”

Conan O’Brien

“St.Patrick’s Day is named for St. Patrick, the principal fellow to sustain Guinness to a snake.”

Lewis Black

“Who’s this Patrick in any case? The supporter holy person of alcohol wholesalers? Here’s the genuine truth, he didn’t dispose of snakes in Ireland. He just disposed of the ones he was seeing.”

Sean Morey

“I originate from an Irish family. St. Patrick’s Day was our enormous occasion. The prior night we’d hang up our tights and toward the beginning of the day they’d be loaded with the brew.”


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funny st. patrick’s day sayings and quotes

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funny st. patrick’s day sayings and quotes


funny st. patrick’s day sayings and quotes

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