Funny St. Patrick’s Day Quotes, Toasts And Sayings

St Patrick’s day wishes funny

Irish people love to joke about themselves, and their love for alcohol has long been a theme in St. Patrick’s Day humor—and their own good-natured ribbing of each other. Get a taste of the Irish sense of humor with these funny St. Patrick’s Day quotes, and use these toasts the next time you’re in your favorite pub with friends.


St Patrick's day wishes funny
St Patrick’s day wishes funny

St Patrick’s day wishes funny

Irish Blessing

May the Good Lord favor you…but not very soon!

May the Lord keep you in his grasp and never close his clench hand excessively tight.

Creator Unknown

Holy person Patrick was an honorable man

Who through methodology and stealth

Drove every one of the snakes from Ireland

Here’s a beverage to his wellbeing!

In any case, not very numerous consumers

In case we lose ourselves and after that…

Disregard the great Saint Patrick

What’s more, see them winds once more!

Anybody familiar with Ireland realizes that the morning of St. Patrick’s Day comprises of the evening of the seventeenth of March seasoned unequivocally with the morning of the eighteenth.

Daryl Stout

For what reason would it be advisable for you to never press a 4-leaf clover? You would prefer not to press your karma.

Irish Saying

There are just two sorts of individuals on the planet, The Irish and the individuals who wish they were.

There are numerous valid justifications for drinking,

One has recently entered my head.

On the off chance that a man doesn’t drink when he’s living,

How in the hellfire would he be able to drink when he’s dead?

An Irishman is never flushed as long as he can clutch one piece of turf to keep from tumbling off the earth.

St Patrick's day wishes funny
St Patrick’s day wishes funny

Charles M. Madigan

St. Patrick—one of only a handful couple of holy people whose feast day displays the chance to get strongly whacked and make a trick of oneself all under the appearance of acting Irish.

St. Patrick’s Day Toast

Here’s to a long life and a cheerful one.

A speedy passing and a simple one

A pretty young lady and a genuine one

A chilly lager—and another!

Irish Toast

It is smarter to burn through cash like there’s no tomorrow than to spend today like there’s no cash!

May you bite the dust in bed at 95 years, shot by an envious spouse (or wife).

May the sound of glad music,

Also, the lilt of Irish chuckling,

fill your heart with happiness,

that stays always after.

May your glass be ever full.

May the rooftop over your head be constantly solid.

Also, may you be in paradise thirty minutes before the villain knows you’re dead.

When we drink, we get an alcoholic.

When we get alcoholic, we nod off.

When we nod off, we submit no transgression.

When we submit no wrongdoing, we go to paradise.

Along these lines, allows all to get alcoholic, and go to paradise!

May you generally have a spotless shirt, an unmistakable inner voice, and enough coins in your pocket to purchase a half quart!

May the breezes of fortune cruise you,

may you cruise a delicate ocean,

may it generally be the other person who says

“This present beverage’s on me.”

May your specialist never win a dollar out of you and may your heart never give out. May the 10 toes of your feet avoid all mishap, and before you’re a lot more established, may you hear many preferable toasts over this.

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